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How to put a photo in the text in the new version of the site?

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Hello, serving our site followers

Sorry, I was not active for a while, I was involved in version 3 of the site, unexpected bugs such as Rich text editor not working and ...

Well, in this article, we will discuss the new features of the site, such as putting a photo in the text of the articles

It was easy in version 2, but in this version we had a problem because the Rich text editor did not work

And this problem is not related to version 3

let's get to the point

To do this, I designed a section for you called TextImg

And it works by clicking on Create and entering a page that only saves a picture of you on the server.

Photo that was saved

Come to the section to add an article or the same News

On the TextImg home screen you will see the photos you have saved

Drag And Drop

Then you can take as many photos as you want

Again, I apologize for not being there for a while and I promise to post the next identity post by tomorrow. This time we will talk about external login. The part that forced me to create this site with this system.


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9/7/2020 9:10:51 PM

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