Introducing the best jQuery application plugins

JQuery application plugins each have a number of specific features. In general, to use jQuery application plugins, you should choose according to the needs of the project.

Do you know the best jQuery application plugins? We know that many libraries are based on JavaScript, but studies have shown that jQuery is the most popular as well as the most widely used library. If you look at the statistics in this direction, 70% of the websites that have been created have been developed using jQuery. This shows that the programming community has grown. Keep in mind that jQuery in turn is very simple and easy, but sometimes making a plugin with jQuery is a time consuming and somewhat difficult task. In this article, we intend to introduce the most important jQuery application plugins.

jQuery avgrund

This plugin is one of the most ideal jQuery application plugins, which is very small and compact, this plugin is used to create a stylish and attractive Dialog Box. We have recently seen that this plugin has been developed along with css and it is very easy to work with. To be able to work with this plugin, you only need to add the js file related to your document.

This plugin provides the best features for developers to create personalized dialogs. The dialogs are in animation mode and you can set the background content to crystal clear. This plugin has good support for different browsers and its size is only 2 KB.

jQuery File Upload

In the list of jQuery application plugins, this option is a powerful widget that allows you to upload files with different capabilities. For example, you can drag & drop multiple files together. The progress bar is another good option for this plugin, and compatibility with a variety of domains is also an important option in this plugin.

This plugin generally supports split files and provides sufficient and necessary information and the result of uploading the file is displayed accurately. Using this tool, you can change the size of your desired image, and the best option in this tool is to cover all popular languages on the server. In fact, you can easily add and use Python, php and java languages to your project.

jQuery Kno

There are a variety of jQuery application plugins, with the jQuery Kno option being the best way to get numeric input elements from users. One of the major benefits of this type of jQuery application plugin is its compatibility with touch smartphones. In this tool, you can manage numeric elements with a single simple click, as well as with the touch and mouse roller. Kurds. You can also change the numbers using the keyboard buttons.

This library is also very consistent in selecting percentages and does not cause any problems on different screens. JQuery application plugins each have their own specifications.


It is safe to say that Text Elite is one of the most professional jQuery application plugins that combines two powerful libraries. Creating animated texts is a great option. In this library, the effects used for the texts are very attractive and special, and its management system is very easy. Using this plugin for mobile devices is a great option. JQuery application plugins each have a specific purpose.

Face Detection

In the list of jQuery application plugins, you need a plugin for recognizing face images, and Face Detection is the best option for face recognition. This tool is an excellent option for face recognition in photos and videos, and the image is cut very accurately and standard. To select jQuery application plugins, we must first look at the purpose of the project.

jQuery Countdown

One of the newest jQuery application plugins used to display the number of days as well as the hours and minutes is jQuery Countdown, this tool shows you the remaining seconds you need to accurately display and generally on Focuses on a specific time. This plugin displays every second with a beautiful effect, you can change the effects. This tool is very easy to work with and you just need to add js and css files to these documents and add the code mentioned in the documents.

Keep in mind that each type of jQuery application plugin has its own characteristics that should be used according to the selected project, as it is clear that people who want to succeed in this path should Dare to challenge yourself and test different plugins.


jQuery avgrund jQuery File Upload jQuery Kno Textillate.js Face Detection jQuery Countdown jQuery
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