Why should we have a site along with social networks?

Sometimes we come across people and employers who argue why use the website when social media is fun. Social networks like Instagram and .. How can we convince the employer or people that social networking alone is enough is not?

Today, social networks have grown a lot, and most ordinary people or professionals use social networks for their business, and for almost any e-business, the use of social networks is essential. Social network and site are complementary. And neither of them violates each other, but improves and improves each other's performance, so why should we have a website next to a social network?

1. The risk of closing social networks for any reason can destroy our business.  

2. When the number of our products increases, there is no special category and arrangement in social networks.  

3. In social networks, it is not possible to provide complete and comprehensive information about products. For a product in social networks, only a few lines of description can be written or video and photos that are not very complete and comprehensive. Some social networks only include It is text and some are just photos or videos, but the website can provide complete and comprehensive information.

4- It is difficult to update products on social networks, and to update it, it must be removed at any time to reach a suitable and higher position for display on social networks. But on the website, it is very easy to update the desired product.  

5- It is not possible to pay online in social networks, but it is connected to the online portal on the site and it is very easy to pay. There is no electronic symbol in social networks, and this causes the customer to distrust the Kurdish business. Is a comment

6- All famous brands have a site first and use social networks to communicate with the user, and this makes users connect with this brand and trust it.  

7. Searching between products on social networks is difficult, and the products we search on social networks return competitors' products to individuals and customers. The same products can be displayed to the user on the site to make it easier to choose the product they want.  

8- It is easier for stores to follow simple orders on the website, but in social networks, when the number of users and products increases, it becomes difficult and tedious and causes a waste of time. On the website, accurate annual, daily reporting can be done. And had a week, but this issue does not exist in social networks. There is order management and forecasting of customer behavior on the site, and sending services such as sending by courier, etc. are much easier. Ability to store and manage inventory on the website There are no wastes of time.  

9- When the website is used, our products are displayed in Google results and increase the number of customers, and through SEO, your site can be improved in Google search.  

10. On the website, you can collect information from people such as email and mobile number, etc., and marketing through email marketing and informing people, but in social networks, you can not have content marketing properly. You can have a blog on the site and this is content marketing.


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