There are differences between web design and front

Most programmers think of web design as user-side or front-end programming. Today, in this article, we want to highlight the difference between the two.

User-side programming with the same front end includes a set of skills, of which web design is a part.

A person with web design skills cannot be called a programmer. Now what makes a web designer a programmer?  

Know knowledge such as Angular, React, VueJs or other client-side frameworks!

Now the question that arises here is, well, let's learn what?

In answer, I must say that usually the job of each of these frameworks is to solve a need or to add a new feature and feature to our application. It also has various capabilities. Some of the capabilities are common between frameworks and libraries. For example, the discussion of routing or data binding or modular coding. Usually, the reason for learning these frameworks is that you have this capability. Be sure to use the facilities at your disposal.

Now we have to return to our main discussion. The difference between front end and web design.

As we mentioned, web design is part of Front End and Front End is broader than that. So to become a user-side programmer, you can learn one of these frameworks.

Well this one too.

Conclusion :  

In this article, we learned that client-side programming is broader than that and does not just include template design.  

We also realized that the reason is the use of various capabilities tools that make our development faster, better, more efficient, and ultimately easier!

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