A few tips for creating and developing open source projects with Open Source

Open source projects are projects whose source code is made available to the public so that all programmers can develop them. If you are interested in creating or developing Open Source or Open Source projects, the tips in this article can help you a lot.

Well friends, have you probably seen or heard of an open source project? For example, GODOT game engine, which is an example of open source, and other projects.

If you want to help develop such projects, consider the following:

Never stink

If you have a specific algorithm that can be added to a project and make it progress, be sure to challenge it professionally before adding that algorithm to that project.

Follow the naming principles

Sometimes I see that in some projects, some illiterate people do not follow the name. For example, the names of local variables are written as Username while they should be written as userName

Follow the principles of Solid and OOP or Object Oriented Programming

Sometimes I see that some loved ones come and develop a project in any way they can.


Sometimes I see some people write a code and do not leave a comment. The rest have to sit down and read to see exactly what this code was for.

So now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground:

Follow the principles of object orientation and SOLID  

Well, we said that this must be observed for development. How good it is to come up with Solid and object-oriented and expand our project so that the person who wants to develop it is comfortable and can understand the code.


Follow the principles of naming Please do not call it Fingili


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