Why ASP.NET is the best choice for building enterprise web applications

ASP.NET framework is a powerful framework for designing enterprise web applications, we will talk more about ASP.NET framework in this article.

ASP.NET Framework is a cross-platform, open source framework developed by Microsoft to build modern, cloud-based, Internet-connected applications. This framework is designed to enable components, APIs, and compilers and run-time languages. This framework runs on Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems and is one of the .NET frameworks.
An introduction to this article
To learn more about the development cycle of the ASP.NET framework and to learn more about the features of this framework, we interviewed Kenneth Y. Fukizi, the author of one of the most famous books on the ASP.NET framework. is. The author has over 14 years of professional programming experience and works as a software engineer contractor as well as consultant for client organizations based in South Africa, Australia, the United States as well as Canada.

Kenneth believes that the current performance of this framework is much higher than previous frameworks as well as current competing frameworks. He prefers to use the ASP.NET framework to build enterprise web applications because the framework has a lot of flexibility that helps him a lot. He also states that .NET 5 has more interoperability than other programming languages. When asked what he thought of Microsoft's support for the Pulumi open source operating system, he replied that it could definitely help developers build modern cloud-based applications.

Why ASP.NET is the best option for developing web applications? (Part 1)
What makes the ASP.NET framework one of the best public platforms for software development? How does this framework develop the performance of web applications? What do you think are the best benefits of using this framework for developing web applications?
As a platform, this framework helps you build web applications, desktop applications, cloud-native applications, mobile applications, game-related applications, IoT-related applications, and intelligence-related applications. Design artificially, and that's definitely what you expect from a programming platform.
ASP.NET framework
Why ASP.NET Framework is the Best Option for Web Application Development (Part II)
The ASP.NET framework has come a long way in ensuring that the performance of web applications compares to frameworks that previously worked in the field or frameworks that currently compete with the ASP.NET framework Do not improve. For example, by providing complete conditions for the use of simultaneous programming models, it has beautifully eliminated the need for CPU cycles. As a result, you no longer have to wait for database queries, web service calls, and input and output functions, which also saves you a lot of resources and time.
This framework is designed from the bottom up, which makes the MVC and Web API frameworks fully integrated. The ASP.NET framework has completely eliminated IIS dependency and solved many other problems. One of the problems that this framework has solved is the pre-loading of libraries, which has made your applications much smaller and faster and have better performance.
ASP.NET framework
Familiarity with some of the most important features of the ASP.NET framework (Part 1)
We can say a lot about the great performance of this framework, including improved caching output and some other features. However, the important thing to know is that these functions are improving day by day and give you better performance. In fact, there is a tool that you can use to track the performance metrics of this framework through the Tech Empower metrics available on the web.
ASP.NET framework
Learn about some of the most important features of ASP.NET (Part II)
In a company, you have people with different roles working on an enterprise application. This framework provides you with a wide range of tools that enable team members to work better together.
The ASP.NET framework has a vibrant community that is allowed to provide input. The fact that the ASP.NET framework is open source provides the basis for faster recovery and application in a variety of industries. Aside from the development environment, when ASP.NET applications are ready to be released as a product, you can do a lot of internal work on them in your organization or on other cloud hosts.
ASP.NET framework
Familiarity with some of the most important features of the ASP.NET framework (Part 3)
One of the most important advantages of using the ASP.NET framework is that using this framework makes it easier to interact with other applications developed using other technologies, and typically a corporate application needs to be established. It connects to many other applications, which makes me more and more interested in using the ASP.NET framework. This is because using this framework to work with other applications is much better than programming languages ​​such as Java, C, and Objective C.
There are many other benefits to using the ASP.NET framework today that we can talk about all day long.
ASP.NET framework
A very important question
Microsoft recently announced that .NET Core will support the Pulumi open source platform for building cloud-based applications. This could help developers define the cloud-based infrastructure they need and then use it. Use any .NET programming languages ​​such as C #, VB.NET and F # to program it. How do you think Pulumi and .NET will help developers?
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Some interesting tips about ASP.NET framework There are so many things out there right now that are not so familiar, or not comfortable enough to provide you with cloud infrastructure, or that you may not be interested in learning how to work with a new tool. So right now the ASP.NET framework is the best option in front of you. Pu platform

lumi only makes things easier for you. This platform provides everything in a nutshell and completely eliminates the need for various tools to provide cloud infrastructure. For example, you can use this tool to prepare JSON and YAML files, which can definitely be more useful for you. ASP.NET framework Some Design Features of ASP.NET Framework (Part 1) At a recent NDC conference, Ryan Nowak, a Microsoft developer and architect of the framework, spoke about some of the details of projects such as BedRock, Houdini, and SMALL FAST.NET Server, and provided information to users. . The main purpose of these projects was to facilitate cross-platform capabilities across different environments. How do you think these projects will help shape the future design paths of .NET 5 and provide a good assurance that the core will survive?

With full knowledge of what is currently happening in the Bedrock, Houdini and SMALL FAST.NET server projects, .Net 5 is being prepared. What I can personally see from the Bedrock project is the fact that starting from the bottom layer, .Net sockets are becoming more prominent, which makes it possible to interact with network inputs and outputs using a variety of tools. Like NodeJS, it becomes much easier for the ASP.NET framework, which is a cross-platform framework. Obviously, .Net sockets can learn a lot from Libuv, and the only thing is how they are implemented. Undoubtedly, integrating many of these features can bring many benefits to developers. ASP.NET framework Some ASP.NET Design Features (Part II) I personally find that .Net 5 is influenced by many protocols such as MQTT, AMQP, HTTP3 and QUICK, and that is why I see that its developers are looking for more interaction of the ASP.NET framework with other languages Programming are not surprised. The ASP.NET framework is designed to run exclusively on the .Net Core runtime, which will soon be ported to .NET 5. I've seen a lot of improvements to the ASP.NET Framework version 3.0, especially since it is less responsive to the MVC framework. This allows developers to make the most of reusable functions in various frameworks such as SignalR, gRPC services, Blazor, Controllers and Pages. ASP.NET framework Some ASP.NET Framework Design Features (Part III) Taking responsibility for the MVC framework from the ASP.NET framework has made it a compact, developer-friendly framework. Note, however, that the ASP.NET framework does not completely ignore MVC, but generally undergoes a restructuring that makes the framework more flexible. Despite this change in the future, this feature will make the ASP.NET framework one of the best platforms for developers. ASP.NET framework About Kenneth Y. Fukizi Using Learn ASP.NET Core 3.0, Second edition, you can become a top developer of ASP.NET framework and design very powerful applications. One of the most important things about this book is that it teaches you how to program with ASP.NET framework in a practical way with real projects and gives you the feeling that you are in a completely real project. You write. Meet the author of this book Kenneth Y. Fukizi is a software developer as well as a programming consultant with 14 years of programming experience. In this book, he has tried to provide you with useful information about the ASP.NET framework and has provided you with many programming experiences that you will not find in other books. He is one of the leading developers of corporate and corporate web applications for large companies in the world, which has made his book more popular among novice developers.


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