5 of the best IoT platforms for 2021

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things in recent years has led to countless examples of smart devices, cloud services and applications. As their complexity increases, so does the need for IoT platforms, as well as frameworks that simplify IoT application development.

Here is a list of IoT platforms that have unique advantages that make them stand out from the competition.

Google Cloud IoT

Google has been perhaps the most dynamic cloud vendor, with a strong focus on modern analytics applications as well as cloud computing infrastructure. By developing its data management capabilities in automating pipeline data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence domains, Google has laid a very solid foundation for the IoT platform called Google Cloud IoT.

Google Cloud IoT is basically an IoT solution built on the Google Cloud Platform. Provides a complete set of tools for connecting, processing, storing and analyzing data in both edge and cloud. Utilizes popular GCP cloud services such as Cloud Dataflow and BigQuery, and provides a stack of integrated edge computing software with machine learning capabilities for all IoT needs. In addition, you can connect other modules from the GCP ecosystem to any type of IoT used.

Popular uses and applications:  

Predictable maintenance  

Real-time asset tracking  

Supply Chain Management  

Smart buildings and cities  


Amazon remains a top cloud vendor for many companies, so it is only natural that these companies should consider the AWS IoT solution as a logical next step in their digital transformation. The Advantage of Amazon AWS IoT is a fully customizable suite of IoT services that extends from cloud to edge and also includes analytics services. Another advantage is the excellent SLAs and performance in the AWS cloud infrastructure.

Similar to Google Cloud IoT, familiarity with this platform requires time and training. These settings also include knowing how to use the console, which is mostly aimed at software developers.

Popular uses and applications:  

Traffic monitoring  

Health monitoring  

Public security  

Monitor remote operations 

 PTC ThingWorx

If IoT uses are closely related to industrial automation, then the ThingWorx IIoT platform (where IIoT stands for Industrial IoT) from PTC should be on your list. Their solution is one of the most comprehensive implementations of IoT on a scale that includes some targeted solutions that complement the core IoT offerings, such as product lifecycle and augmented reality platforms.

ThingWorx is probably not a platform for quick and easy smart metering in your office building or initial tracking of your store inventory. But if you need to fully implement your business operations and set them up digitally, you can definitely count on ThingWorx.

Popular uses and applications:  

Product as a service  

Monitor remote conditions  

Digital work instructions  

Real-time visibility  

Kaa IoT Platform

Kaa aims to provide an excellent presentation on the application and implementation speed of IoT. This platform is a comprehensive set of IoT features, including IoT onboard analysis. It does not require complex setup or even console knowledge and is available in the cloud depending on the number of connected devices and for a fixed fee. One of the obvious advantages of this platform is the unlimited free trial period in which you are allowed to use up to 5 devices.

Kaa is a good example of an industry-leading IoT platform that is perfect for a wide range of IoT applications that do not require in-depth expertise. Vendor services are available, but the platform seems to have a particular focus on ease of self-service and attractiveness among small startups as well as larger companies that are not yet ready for large-scale IoT disruptions.

Popular uses and applications:  

Health care  

automobile manufacturing  

Smart retail  


Internet of Things Industrial  

Microsoft Azure IoT

Microsoft is one of the cash sellers that does almost everything right. It doesn't matter if your industry or the size of your organization, whether you work with your partner or on your own, Azure IoT has all the devices, tools, data analytics, and security capabilities you need to achieve your IoT goals.

However, just like Google and AWS, Azure IoT is made up of several components and requires experienced engineers to tailor it to your company's needs. If you have not used the Azure stack before, it may be easier to implement the services from an Azure IoT integrator.

Popular uses and applications:  







How to choose the best platform

Although IoT platforms have similarities, they still have significant differences from their end user. That's why choosing the best IoT platform for the specific applications you want to use depends on the uses, the size of your development team, and your budget. Complex items from cash sellers cost more and are more difficult to maintain, but they offer more capabilities, broader solutions, and first-class SLAs. On the other hand, "fast-service" IoT platforms offer simpler startups and market speeds, but may lack the industry-specific capabilities required for advanced IoT applications.


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