10 Tips to Increase Visual Studio Code Productivity

In this text, we will review Visual Studio. We also state 10 points and cases that increase the productivity of Visual Studio code.

Visual Studio Code is widely used by programmers today to edit text. Visual Studio is actually open source, which allows you to view and read its sources and code. In this article, we will review 10 strategies to increase Visual Studio productivity.

Learn the complete command palette and specify the folder for the project

Visual Studio has a section called Command Prompt. This means that with this section you can access different commands just by typing, and this increases the speed of navigation and makes the job easier for you. To access the command palette in Visual Studio, you can do this easily by pressing the three keys ctrl + shift + p.

Specify a folder and view multiple files at once

 Another thing you can do to increase Visual Studio productivity is to determine the folder for your project at work. To do this, you must click on an option in the bar next to your page called explorer, which will open a panel for you. Then by clicking on the open file you can select a folder on the system. The folder you selected will be loaded in Visual Studio as a project you have in hand.

 But another way to increase Visual Studio productivity is to view multiple files at once. In Visual Studio, to increase productivity and efficiency, you can open and view multiple files at the same time, and in addition, edit the files together.

Change several lines at the same time and change the name

In Visual Studio, you can copy or delete multiple copies of the same text at several different points by creating multiple cursors; This issue can be very effective in speeding up and increasing the productivity of this program for you. To access this feature, just click on the alt button and press it.

But another way to increase the productivity and efficiency of Visual Studio software and tools is to change the name of all items. In order to be able to write code successfully, we must benefit from reconstruction; But rebuilding a large source of code is very difficult and complicated and may cause us problems. In Visual Studio you no longer need to bother to change the name and this program has made it very easy for you. All you have to do is press the f12 button after selecting the item you want to change.

Refer to the method or variable definition location

Another thing that can be done to increase the efficiency of Visual Studio is to go to the place of defining the method or variable. You may want to access and view the definition of a variable or code while you are programming and coding. To do this, the first solution that may come to mind is to search for the file you want, which may be a little time consuming. Another way we suggest you is to select a variable and hit the F12 key.

But in order to be able to search in different files, it also has its own unique solution in this tool and program. Looking for a word or phrase that you do not know in which of the files is very difficult and time consuming, but you can do it by just pressing the three buttons CTRL + F + SHIFT in all Search for available files.

Command line and install new template

Visual Studio has a one-piece terminal. This terminal in this tool can have several separate windows independently. In order to have multiple windows, you have to click on the + that is at the top right. This will start a new terminal and you will need to click on the existing container to close your previous terminal.

You can install new templates in VS code and this is one of the important points in increasing the productivity of this program and tool. You can use these templates to highlight texts or source code. You can greatly increase the efficiency of Visual Studio by highlighting syntaxes; But the last way to increase the productivity of VS code is to install third-party plugins and extensions to this program. In order to be able to access them and install them, you must refer to the VS code market.


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