Difference between Angular and AngularJS

Angular components compared to AngularJS

What does it mean when one framework is based on JavaScript, while another uses typed script? We can see the difference in their components. The typewriter used by Angular is a superior set of ES6. JavaScript-based Angular JS uses the terms scope and controllers, while Angular uses a hierarchy of components. Angular is component-based while AngularJS uses directives. Use directives between Angular and AngularJS While both of these use directives, the way they are used is different. Angular has standard directives while AngularJS has a package of them. Caution should be exercised when using directives. For example, when you want to create two-way binding in AngularJS, you have to use ng-model. You will use ng-bind for one-way binding. In Angular you will find only ngModel. You can use symbols for one-way binding as "[]" and two-way binding as "[()]". "[]" Is for property binding, while "()" is for event binding. Angular vs. AngularJS architecture AngularJS The framework has a model-view-controller (MVC) that acts as a central component when managing data, logic, rules, and expressing program behavior. Model: The model is where all data management is stored. View: View generates output after examining the information in the model. Controller: Receives the input controller and converts it into commands that are sent to the model and view. Angular Angular uses components that are directives with patterns. We have two types of directives or instructions in Angular. Structural directives: They change the layout of the DOM by replacing their elements. Attributive directives: Changes the behavior of the DOM and the appearance of the element. Mobile support AngularJS does not provide mobile support while AngularJS supports mobile. Performance and speed Angular JS: Two-way binding feature reduces effort and build time. Angular: This framework has been upgraded to a better structure, offering improved speed and performance. Tool support Angular JS: This framework relies on other tools such as IDE and WebStorm. Angular: Uses the command line interface (CLI) to reduce program creation time. Advantages of Angular compared to AngularJS Angular Being modular The main feature of Angular is the various modules that create a lighter and faster core. Dynamic loading There is a combination of asynchronous patterns and added support for responsive programming. AOT / Ahead-of-Time: This helps to convert TypeScript to JavaScript during the build process. AOT compiles the code and the browser loads the compiled code for faster rendering. CLI: The command line interface helps create and deploy Angular applications and make tests more accessible. Architectural component Helps to divide logical and functional components Dependency injection Instead of using directives such as AngularJS, Angular uses Hierarchical Dependency Injection to significantly increase the performance of the framework. Tongue Although Angular is written in typography, it also has a choice of other languages ​​such as ES5, ES6 and Dart, which are used to write code. Routing The Angular framework has a simple path. Can interpret a URL as a directory to move to the client-view. Advantages of AngularJS compared to Angular MVC: Model View Controller uses data binding to speed up application development. The use of two-way data binding and POJO models provides an end-to-end interface that allows you to use less code in your projects. AngularJS has a unit testing feature that is constantly updated. The developer uses his code to find any flaws in his design. AngularJS offers a comprehensive solution for the frontend developer because it does not depend on other frameworks and plugins. Because AngularJS uses HTML, it is quite intuitive. The AngularJS framework provides reusable components to the user. Despite the differences between Angular and Angular JS, each has its advantages. Google maintains both frameworks, so both have broad community support. We prefer Angular because it creates dynamic applications for both web and mobile and can create single-page applications using TypeScript and HTML.


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