8 steps to successful marketing for the app

Marketing is a simple strategic technique to get people involved, it can sometimes be the hardest part to make. Marketing can create a good relationship for the product.

Program development is not a one-day process. It takes a lot of time to develop a flawless program. During the development period, you also have to invest a lot of money. Everything is fine as long as you develop the program. After the program development process is complete, the real pressure begins. After app development, the biggest challenge is app marketing. Did you know that there are approximately 2.8 million apps in the play store? Can you name 30 of them? No, because a few programs have been able to affect your mind. So marketing is important to make that program effective in people's minds. So most of them just exist and few are likely to be downloaded and popular. Even the marketing process is an expensive process because people spend a lot of money on advertising to sell their products. So we have to act wisely to have a more effective marketing process. Here are some effective marketing ideas that you should know before you start your in-app marketing business. 1. Research using social media The situation is rapidly spreading on social networks and no one knows what content is causing the commotion. If you are popular, your content or movie or program will spread like a virus in a matter of hours. You need to start with a free platform, social media can be the best place to market. If your app can become popular for free, why spend money on marketing? Digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. can be the best choice for marketing. With basic ideas and principles, everyone can market their product. All you have to do is analyze what your app is developed for and then start gathering people who are interested in it. The people you gather here will be your ultimate audience for using your product. You can get feedback from your audience on social media. You can collect their comments and criticisms and then add more features to make the app more attractive. Research the needs of your audience and update your program accordingly. 2. Create a good landing page Create an awesome landing page so that visitors can feel good about your program in a fraction of a second. The landing page should also explain the program well. This is not a big trend, this is a very precise trend. Visitors should be able to get information about your program by taking a quick look at the landing page using only their intuition. All details must be considered when designing a landing page. Color palettes, graphics, images, fonts, everything has to be accurate. The navigation on the landing page should be quite clear, it should also be attractive enough for visitors to explore other parts of the program. Using a landing page will work better than running ads and email campaigns, and this is even faster than search engine optimization. 3. Make a demo video of the program Instead of reading, man understands better by seeing. The demo video describes your program more clearly. This video should be short and in a way that attracts the audience. If images of the program are added, the video will be better and more attractive. The most popular video making technique includes the most interesting part of your program. 4. Add the bonus to the app People focus on receiving something for free as a gift, so adding prizes to the app will surely drive a large audience to use the app. This is a very effective marketing approach. People can't control themselves to test their luck, which will surely generate a lot of visitors in the program. 5. Identify the most targeted SEO and ASO SEO (search engine optimization) and ASO (App Store optimization) are also important here. The main goal of marketing is to gather as many users as possible. When searching for an app, people first type in the app category to look for the best app. For example, if people need a music program, they tend to search for the keyword "best music program". This leads to a large list of music related programs. In this case, SEO will definitely make your program rank high. 6. Create an eye-catching icon Most of the time people download the program by looking at an icon. The more attractive and eye-catching this icon is, the more audience you will have. play store has millions of different categories. The user selects the program with the attractive icon and believes that it is better. 7. Respond to all criticisms User feedback is important for future updates. The habit of responding to user feedback will prevent your app ranking from falling. Responding to comments will create an honest relationship between users and the developer. Try to describe tips to fix the problem and make sure you convince the user that the problem will be fixed soon. Also be polite when responding and thank users for taking the time to survey because they will help you succeed. 8. Update the program through blog posts

Many people are looking for a detailed description of the program and it is good to keep users up to date through the blog. Blogs should be well written about new features, fixes, and changes made to the app. A blog can be written to be a guide for beginners to use the program and a description to use the program for different age groups. This gives the audience more feedback about the program, which helps make the program more attractive. Conclusion These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Try to follow these tips when you are developing a program so that you can attract the attention of your audience and create a lasting program that will be remembered by everyone. Good luck!


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سلام این چیزای که شما میگی از تاپلرن کپی شده رو بنده وقت میزارم و به مقاله ی اینگلیسی تبدیل میکنم اگه مشکلی بود اولین کسی که با من برخورد میکرد گوگل بود و درضمن برای اطلاع شما بهتره بگم که من از مقاله های سایت تاپلرن و برنامه نویسان دیگه استفاده نخواهم کرد به دلیل اینکه مقاله های این دو سایت ازنظر سئو ضعیف شده و این هم حرف اخرم که برای اینکه شما دوست عزیز از دست من ناراحت نشین فردا تمام پست ها را به این دو سایت لینک خواهم داد و اینکه من عزر خواهی میکنم از شما و جناب مدائنی